Jessica Foust is a Supervising Producer and Anchor for TechMediaNetwork.  She has extensive experience in writing, producing and hosting.  She appears frequently on national media: NBC, FOX and CBS networks in addition to interviewing with radio and print publications for her technology expertise.

Jessica is known for her reality view and gives it to you straight.  By being a consumer advocate her analysis of products are critical to anyone’s daily life no matter what they’re buying be it a video game, digital camera or nanny cam.

Jessica created and hosts What Works, TopTenREPORTS (weekly news show), buying guides, how-to’s, tips and review videos.  In fact, she has spearheaded the development and production of every show for TopTenREVIEWS.com.

As a broadcast specialist, Jessica has oodles of anchor experience covering events like CES, CTIA and E3.  With these events and others, Jessica is an expert for live interviews, standups or talk-backs.

In addition to being a tech expert, host and reporter Jessica also runs a production studio for TechMediaNetwork.  She ensures projects run smoothly and turn into unique pieces of smart entertainment.  Her leadership provides roadmaps to create and implement strategies to continually increase production value and revenue.

Everyday she develops multifaceted strategic solutions for clients and advertisers.  These solutions include pre/post-rolls; social ads; branded experiences; custom content creation; and sponsorships.  As an expert in the digital video industry, Jessica understands the creation and implementation of video strategies for a range of goals like increasing viewer engagement or traffic.  Jessica ensures business and affiliate partners maintain a seamless channel to maximize revenue.

In addition to work, Jessica is actively involved in her community and enjoys working with local groups and organizations.  She is proud to be a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.   Jessica loves being outdoors.  In the winter she’s skiing, and in the summer she’s cycling, hiking, canoeing or playing her two favorite sports: softball and tennis.  Jessica also loves reading, playing the violin and anything chocolate.





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